How to Get Better at Warding League
How to Get Better at Warding League
Warding is an important aspect of playing League of Legends, as it provides vision and information about the enemy team's movements and objectives. Here are some tips on how to get better at warding:
  1. Understand the importance of vision: Vision is crucial in League of Legends, as it allows you to track enemy movements, prevent ganks, and secure objectives. Make sure you and your team are aware of the importance of vision, and try to prioritize it throughout the game.
  2. Know where and when to ward: Warding is most effective when placed in high-traffic areas or locations where the enemy is likely to pass through. Place wards in brushes, river entrances, and objectives like Baron and Dragon. Additionally, ward defensively if you are behind, and offensively if you are ahead. Also, make sure to refresh wards before they expire to maintain vision control.
  3. Use control wards: Control wards are a type of ward that can detect and disable enemy wards. Use them to clear out enemy vision and deny them information. Additionally, place control wards in areas that are less likely to be checked by the enemy team, such as brushes in your own jungle.
  4. Coordinate with your team: Warding is a team effort, and communication is key. Make sure to communicate with your team about where you are placing wards and when they are expiring. Also, coordinate with your team to clear out enemy wards and establish vision control around objectives.
  5. Practice and review: Like any skill in League of Legends, warding takes practice. Try to make warding a habit in every game, and review your games to see where you could have warded better. Additionally, watch replays of professional players or streamers to see how they ward and try to learn from their strategies.

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