How to Make a Compass in Minecraft
How to Make a Compass in Minecraft
To make a compass in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:
  • 4 Iron Ingots
  • 1 Redstone Dust
Once you have gathered the materials, follow these steps to make a compass:
  1. Find a crafting table. Crafting tables can be crafted using four wooden planks arranged in a square shape in a crafting table.
  2. Open the crafting table by right-clicking on it.
  3. Place the 4 Iron Ingots in a "plus" shape in the crafting grid, with one Iron Ingot in the center, and Redstone Dust directly beneath it.
  4. Wait for the crafting process to finish. This will create a compass, which will appear in the result box to the right of the crafting table.
  5. Drag the compass into your inventory to use it.
Note that a compass points towards the world spawn point in Minecraft, which is usually the point where you first spawned in the world. If you sleep in a bed, the compass will instead point towards your bed's spawn point. This can be helpful for finding your way back to your base or to other important locations.

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