How to make Metal in Little Alchemy?
How to make Metal in Little Alchemy?

We trust that you are enjoying Little Alchemy. Producing metal is quite easy in this game, as it involves only a few steps beginning with the four basic elements.

Considering that we believe in constructing something from the beginning, here are the whole instructions on how to build metal from scratch in Little Alchemy.

Process for Making Metal in Little Alchemy

Earth and Fire make Lava

Lava and Air create Stone

Fire and Stone result in Metal

Assuming you were able to make Stone correctly, now let's proceed with the 3rd step to form Metal.

Making Metal in Little Alchemy

Supposing you are already in the game:

Step 1 – Grab FIRE from the Elements section and place it on the game board

Step 2 – Pick STONE from the Elements area and put it on the FIRE which you already put on the game board in step 1.

Congratulations. You’ve successfully made Metal in Little Alchemy!  

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