What is Orthodontics and Top 5 Orthodontists
What is Orthodontics and Top 5 Orthodontists

What is Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of malocclusions (improper bites), as well as other irregularities of the teeth and jaws. An orthodontist is a dental specialist who has completed additional training after dental school in the field of orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment typically involves the use of braces, clear aligners, or other appliances to gradually move teeth into their desired positions. The treatment may also involve other interventions such as jaw surgery or the use of expanders to correct bite problems. Orthodontic problems can affect a person's ability to eat, speak, and even breathe properly, and can also have an impact on their appearance and self-confidence. Orthodontic treatment can help to improve these issues and promote overall oral health.

Top 5 Orthodontists near me

Here are the names of some well-known orthodontists in the United States based on their expertise, experience, and reputation. Here are five of them, listed in alphabetical order:
  1. Dr. Stuart Frost - Dr. Frost is a nationally recognized orthodontist based in Mesa, Arizona, who has received numerous awards for his contributions to the field of orthodontics.
  2. Dr. Richard McLaughlin - Dr. McLaughlin is a renowned orthodontist based in San Diego, California, who is known for his development of the McLaughlin-Bennett-Trevisi (MBT) bracket system.
  3. Dr. Anthony Viazis - Dr. Viazis is a highly respected orthodontist based in New York City who is known for his expertise in treating complex orthodontic cases.
  4. Dr. John Graham - Dr. Graham is an experienced orthodontist based in Murray, Utah, who is known for his expertise in orthodontic treatment for both children and adults.
  5. Dr. Christina Carter - Dr. Carter is a board-certified orthodontist based in Charlotte, North Carolina, who is known for her use of the latest technology and innovative techniques in orthodontic treatment.Read More
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